Spring Break


Hello all!
I was just watching the NBC Nightly News and a spring break riot they were reporting on caught my attention.
In Santa Barbara, Calif., an annual spring break party called deltopia of over 15,000 people turned into a wild scene of chaos and violence on Saturday night. It was near the University of California, which was ranked last yer as the number two top party school.
Many people have blamed visitors and tourists for all the violence. In my opinion the violence that started was not 100% the fault of the people who came to the deltopia event. This specific college is known to be a party school the people that came there knew that and that was probably one if the driving forces behind why they came there. When there is a party of that size and alcohol is involved there is bound to be some issues. I do not believe the idea that the violence was created by the tourists, I think the violence was created by the “party” reputation of the school. The PR rep at the university of California might want to work on building a different reputation so problems like this one don’t happen again.


First Ever Blog Post


Hello World,

Obviously this is my first blog post… I don’t have much to say today but there are a few things on my mind.

First I’m testing this out to see if it will actually work haha. I have to write 5 blog posts a week for my COM 475 public relations and advertising management class at Central Washington University. I am in my last quarter of college and I’m really looking forward to graduating! I have learned a lot through out my college career academically and personally. I’m very excited to start working within public relations and putting what I have learned to good use!

This last quarter looks like it might be a tough one so I’m sure this blog will have lots of complaining about being so busy and overwhelmed but I’ll try to keep it positive and upbeat.

Well lets see if this sucker really works!