The X Games Starts Today


The X games are being hosted in Austin Texas this year for the first time and they have done a ton of cool PR stuff to help promote them event.

Spectators and athletes can use the #XGAMESAUSTIN during the duration of the event which can be followed on twitter, Facebook, google plus, and youtube. With that hashtag the user can see live updates of event functions, athlete interviews, photos, and video. All of which can be seen on the X games website.

There is also a competition being put on that spectators can pick who they think will win the competitions and then have the potential to win prizes. Someone can post their predictions on Facebook if they log in through the X games website to participate.

Also they are promoting a new TV show that will be airing on ABC through the X games website. The show is called the world of X, there is a little pitch promo paragraph on the webpage as well as some promotional video clips.

The X Games have been around for almost 20 years now and through all their PR and strategic marketing they have really built up their brand and the extreme sports that are featured throughout the event.

Most of the time we talk about what companies and brands have done wrong with the use of their PR, but I think the X Games has really done it right.



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