Compare and Contrast


The story that is being compared is one of the world headline news stories of whether or not Brazil is going to ready for the summer Olympics in 2016.

The US world news media outlet CNN portrays to the public that no Brazil will not be ready or that they are very skeptical because the opening shot in the video clip is of armed army gunman patrolling the streets, we are told that the water that the sailing athletes will be sailing in is like a toilet, it is said that the building of the Olympic stadiums and villages is only 38% complete, that some of these building wont be built for another six months. Brazil’s biggest concern is its clean up efforts they now have a 16 billion dollar budget on the overall construction but Brazil’s mayor says most of that money will be spent on getting the city cleaned up and ready to go.

CNN video clip link

Next I took a look at how BBC is covering this story and actually there is only one small mention of the 2016 Olympics in the most recent article regarding Brazil. The article talks about public transportation strikes that have started one week before the beginning of the World Cup, this has a huge impact on how well they World Cup event goes because public transportation is the only form of transportation that can be used to get to the stadium. A public transportation strike during the World Cup would cause tons of chaos for fans and be a huge embarrassment for Brazil. The one small mention about the 2016 Olympics was questioning a little bit of how the games were going to go but because of protests instead of clean up and construction.

It was kind of eye opening for me to do this exercise because I figured it would be a similar story just something that pertained more towards a British audience. But they were two completely different stories, and I thought it was interesting that the BBC new covered something that was more time relevant rather than CNN that was covering something that’s a year and a half away. 



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