Rest in Peace Maya Angelou


Maya was a very well known writer who recently passed away. She was a civil rights activist and teacher to which many people admired and looked to her for wisdom and advice.

In this article we are given some advice about communications from Angelou.

The quote that best related to PR was “the idea is to write so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” It immediately made me think of what we have talked about quite often in class, how do you reach people? how do things go viral? Do just as Angelou says pull at peoples heart strings, which has been an answer that we have brought up in class as well.

the other quote mentioned in the article that I have always liked but never knew who said it was “at the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did; they will remember how you made them feel.” Which I believe is very true in both the personal and professional aspects of life and it is a good reminder to people to always strive to treat others with kindness. 

Food for thought…



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