Plus sized swimsuit calendar already has over 20,000 views


Swimsuits For All is a plus sized swim suit company that recently recreated the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition photo shoot from last February. They used plus sized models and created a swim suit calendar to prove that skinny figures are not the only ones that belong on a calendar or in a magazine.

This calendar was created in response to this years Sports Illustrated swim suit edition magazine. Sports Illustrated had the original idea to use plus sized models to go along with a theme that all bodies should be celebrated. But Sports Illustrated did not follow through with this plan and did their photo shoot with three thin topless models instead.

I think this was a great PR response for the Swimsuits For All swimsuit company to create they were still able to get their point across that “bikini-ready” bodies can come in all shapes and sizes and show up Sports Illustrated for not following through. Also I personally really agree with these type of campaigns celebrating all kinds of women no matter what they look like, it’s a great campaign that many people like to be involved with and are happy to support. 



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