In Responce to Kate Marez


Kate’s post about the American Girl dolls discontinuation was appealing to me because I had two of the American Girl dolls when I was younger. I had one doll that was Caucasian and the other was native American. As a young girl I really liked to play with those dolls and my mother liked the dolls because of the diversity of the dolls they offered and the history behind each doll.

I think it was unfortunate that American Girl discontinued these dolls and had such a negative response in return. Maybe these dolls were the least sold dolls and that why they decided to discontinue them. American Girl has held such a great public reputation for selling a large variety of diverse dolls which all have their own historical background. As each doll comes with a small chapter book that tells the dolls story of their historical time period and diverse background. 

From a PR stand point I think it was good that they reached out to address the issue although it was unfortunate that their wasn’t a well thought out plan of how to handle a situation like this one. But overall I do agree with Kate that they should have made new dolls to replace the ones being removed and they should have apologized to their audience.

Here is a link to Kate’s Blog post



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