Bring the Clippers to Seattle!


As of yesterday Steve Ballmer is set to purchase the LA clippers for two billion dollars.

Ballmer is a former Microsoft CEO and all the Seattlites and sonics fans want Ballmer to bring the Clippers up north. This would be another huge franchise for Seattle and could bring in more revenue to the region.

Of course there are many areas of controversy over moving basketball teams around, let alone the baggage that this basketball team has. So of course all issues involving Donald Sterling and his family are being brought up again and it has been said that Mr. Sterling is now deemed mentally unfit to have any input as to what happens with his families trust funds. More can be read in the article below.

More interesting publicity about Ballmer has come up as well but lucky for him more that half of what is said about him is good publicity, like what was written in the article posted below. 

Being from the pacific northwest region myself I think it would be really cool if Ballmer brought the team to Seattle (even though he said he isn’t going to) I think it would be good for the city of Seattle itself and for the people who live there. I was never a sonics fan but I think it would be something I would be interested in getting involved in.

It will be interesting to watch how everything unfolds for the Clippers and Ballmer PR wise, as this was just recently mad official.



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