Responce to Happy Meal Mascot

Standard Taylor Vallee’s previous post

First off that is a really bad childrens happy meal mascot design, I really surprised that this mascot design launched in other countries and was easily excepted by McDonalds customers. I was also surprised to see what the McDonalds spokeswoman said about social media that “not all comments reflect the broader view” that probably was not the best way to make that statement. McDonalds should be considerate to their American customers and if parents and children don’t like the new mascot redesign it in a way that will be appealing to an American audience.

I do also agree with Taylor, they should have done some kind of focus group to make sure the new mascot would be accepted in American culture. And the spokeswoman should have been more considerate when responding to the public about the issue, bad PR move there. 

I remember the hamburglar! And all those characters, I agree those should be brought back!




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