Take a Social Media Class


More and more colleges and universities are instilling social media and digital marketing classes. Have you taken one of these classes? What did you learn? If you haven’t taken one of these classes or if your college doesn’t offer them, what do you wish professors would teach about the digital world?

That was our blog prompt for today. As a graduating senior I have taking many classes. As a PR major I have taken many classes that just dabbled in social media. At Central Washington University a social media based class will be offered this summer by my professor Liz Kerns (your welcome for the promo). This will be the second time this class has been offered at CWU; unfortunately I haven’t been able to take it at either time.

As I mentioned my classes “dabbled “in social media so to answer the question… No I have not taken a social media specific class. What I would like to have offered to me as a communications student interested in PR are two different types of social media courses. First a course on how to use social media platforms, when I started this senior level COM 475 class I had never seen let alone used a blog before (I’m sure some of you can tell) so it would have been nice to have a better background in that aspect. And even to this day I am still figuring out twitter so a prerequisite “how to” course would be very beneficial and obviously it would need to change with the changing social media platform to stay up to date. Next I would like to be offered a class that teaches students how to use social media professionally. Everyone knows how to post photos of what they did over the weekend or how to retweet something they thought was funny or liked but many of us don’t know how to use social media in a professional situation. We’ve been learning a lot about having a crisis communication plan, with social media when do you step up and address the issue through social media, what’s the best type of social media platform to address that issue? What is the best social media platform for company promotions? Etc. I would like to have questions like that answered in a social media/ digital marketing class.
I think that social media and digital marketing classes would be really beneficial to newer students entering into a communications or PR major. It would help ready them for the new technologically advanced world they will be working in.



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