JP Morgan Chase Donated 100 Million Dollars to Help Revive the City of Detroit


Dimon claims this is not a PR campaign, but from this video it does sound pretty close to a PR campaign to me. The city had fallen apart and he is offering a lot of money to help rebuild the city its self and its reputation.

I was surprised when Matt listed off all the issues with Detroit, that there is 14% unemployment, over a third of the population has moved away in the past 10 years, 40% of city buses are broken another 40% of city street lights don’t work, just to name a few things. Dimon has a lot to work on with his 100 million dollars and he plans on getting the city restarted in the next 5 years.

Rebuilding and re-branding a city sure sounds like the beginning of a PR campaign to me, but I hope that Dimon is able to achieve his goal for Detroit. Especially because of how historical Detroit is for early America, if it could be restored back to its glory days that would be a great achievement. 



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