MJ Hologram


Yet another interesting PR stunt performed at yesterdays Billboard Music Awards.


Viewers have been completely divided on whether or not they liked the performance. 57% of viewers said they liked it while 43% did not like it and thought it was creepy.

The Jackson family fully backed the Billboard Music Awards Show for showing the holographic performance.

Interestingly, this stunt was six months in the making before it was actually executed so a lot of thought and planning went into developing the entertainment for this event. 

I think its really cool to see how advanced our use of technology has become. Michael Jackson looked so real on stage. But then that makes it kind of creepy right?

But it is creating buzz about the Billboard Music Awards and celebrating Michael Jackson’s musical achievements, so wasn’t that the point of this PR stunt? 

In the end it was a good award show event with great entertainment.


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