Snapchat’s Big Oops…



Read this article, Snapchat users!

Five days ago it was announced that the popular app Snapchat has misled it’s users into believing that all photos and videos are completely erased after they have been seen by the recipient. Snapchat has not admitted or denied any wrongdoing but has agreed on a settlement to address and issues and instate a privacy program that will be closely monitored. If Snapchat violates this agreement it could pay up to a 3 million dollar fine for violation of privacy.

Snapchat representatives do claim that the issues have been addressed and have been fixed

All this information could sound a little daunting to some Snapchat users as the popular app has a reputation of being used for “sexting” purposes. If those photos aren’t truly erased like users were lead to believe there could be some very embarrassing photos floating around out there. So hopefully from now on people will use Snapchat responsibly especially with this new skepticism.

We should here more about the issue in the next couple weeks.

Food for thought and happy snapping!



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