Responce to Baylee Bunyard – Bringing Sexy Back


It is interesting that Baylee posted about Justin Timberlake because his name was brought up in class today, so she must have been thinking about it for most of the day haha.

It’s really interesting that Timberlake had to fight for the song “Sexy Back” I never knew that until now. I think its really inspiring that he fought so hard for his album and his brand even when nobody believed in him. Being a newly solo artist and releasing the first solo album he had to stand up for himself and fight for what he wanted.

It has crossed my mind to start some kind of PR related career on my own, as a future career move (likely some form of event planning) I know it would be a lot to take on and would be a huge amount of work. But knowing that Timberlake fought for what he was passionate about and proved those who didn’t believe in him wrong is inspiring but also kind of scary because he was already famous and well known but overall he prevailed.

Baylee, I too wonder about that superbowl stunt that was pulled… possible PR move… haha who knows!



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