Would you drink from your toilet?


Wichita Falls a city in Texas is a pretty bad drought right now so bad that citizens of that state have resorted to drinking water from their toilets!!!!

The city actually is in fear of running out of fresh water within the next two years so the city actually recommended drinking the water from peoples toilets. The city has found a way to purify water that comes from toilets, sinks, bathtubs, dishwashers etc. into drinkable water. The process has now been coined “toilet to tap” revolting right!? Many city residents have already begun to switch to bottled water for drinking. The city manager is confident that the water will be safe to drink within the next 30 days…. 

Here is a link to the page that the today posted this morning about this issue


Some really interesting PR has to go into an issue like this one… Convincing an entire city that the water from their toilets is now safe to drink… I’m not sure I could ever really believe that but the city has a big concern of loosing all it’s fresh water resources, what else could they do?

The entire state of California is in a major drought right now as well, if this idea works in Texas will it be the solution to battle the drought in California too?

Food for thought



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