In Responce to Madison McCausland – Montana


All the students in COM 475 got a state to blog about this week. Madison got Montana, which is a state that know for camping, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities etc.

When I think of Montana I think of hunting because I have many family friends who travel to Montana during hunting seasons. It is also know for Yellowstone national park and glacier national park as Madison mentioned in her blog post. After reading through and watching the video on Madison’s blog post I think Montana is trying to attract tourist who like to do things outside. The video never showed anyone inside, Montana makes me think of a “manly” get-away destination.

In comparison between Madison’s state and my state (Vermont) I see quite a few similarities, although I did not find a promotional tourism video Vermont did have a tourism website that promoted mainly outdoor activities, the only difference I noticed was that Vermont also recommended places to eat and places to stay which the video for Montana did not offer.



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