When asking my peers what came to mind when they thought of the state of Vermont these were the top ten words to describe Vermont:
Maple Syrup
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
Teddy Bears
The season of fall and all the colors on the Vermont trail
A tiny state
Bad skiing
My opinion of the state of Vermont before doing any research is that it is small in size, it’s know for maple syrup, and it’s very pretty there during the fall.

What has shaped Vermont’s reputation is that it is the second least populated state behind Wyoming. The colors of the trees in the fall have made Vermont famous. It is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States. It is also the home of the Vermont teddy bear company, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Company.

There is a Vermont vacation website where you can find information about things you can do in Vermont if you were to travel there. Most of the activities are outdoors and it is recommended for visitors to come in any season but fall and spring being the most ideal although there is something to do in every season. They actually have a travel planner on this website as well that recommends places to stay, places to eat, shopping, events, activities, and attractions.

This is the state quarter



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