Love Your Selfie


Along with the current social media trend of taking “selfies” the Today Show has a series going on right now called “Love your selfie, reclaiming beauty” each day they are doing something different for this campaign on the show. Dove is also sponsoring this campaign.

When the selfie trend started I felt that it was a little self centered (not to say that I didn’t participate in the trend because I do) but seeing the today show take this spin on it was inspiring. Creating this campaign and showing people how beauty has more than one definition and that all people is very heart warming. The Today show provides tips and information in this series of how over come the feelings of a poor body image, and how to love your self no matter what you look like. We know that many people (mainly girls) struggle with the way they look but this campaign really tackles that issue and is helping to inform so many people that they are beautiful just the way they are. 

Yesterday on the show they had people of all different shapes and sizes make a manikin of themselves and the manikin was reveled on the show. This really caught my attention because we all see the manikins in the stores that no one actually looks like but these manikins were made based off of real people and they are now going to be on display in a department store. And today some young teenage girls made some videos to speak out about how to accept who you are. 

This link below will take you to a few video clips that have been done in the past week.

I think this is a great campaign and a great use of social media creating positive thoughts and images instead of critiquing everything, it’s more of what our world needs. I think so many people struggle with body image issues and it’s good to remind people they are beautiful. What a great PR campaign Dove and the Today Show has put together! 




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