The NBA Versus Donald Sterling


Many of us have recently heard about the new sports scandal involving Donald Sterling and the Las Angeles Clippers.

Mr. Sterling has allegedly made racist comments to his previous girlfriend over the weekend. There is now huge pressure on the NBA to come out with a statement or a reaction to Sterling’s actions and whether or not he will lose ownership of his team. The NBA is supposed to make their announcement tomorrow a few hours prior to the Clippers next home game.

Some Clippers fans have began to organize a boycott of the next home game, which I don’t really agree with. It is not the players on the team that started this scandal they were the victims and they have shown that do not support Mr. Sterling in any way. This team is in the playoffs right now and could really use the support from their fans in such a difficult time.    

Besides loosing some fan base the Clippers have also lost some huge sponsors including Carmax and KIA.

With this type of scandal, in this industry, I think it has a big potential to tarnish the NBA’s reputation if they don’t respond with a statement that is very well thought out. We will have to wait and see what the NBA announces tomorrow, but I’m sure that the NBA’s PR team is working hard to straighten out this PR nightmare. 

On a side note… if you watch the video from the nightly news you hear that it is mentioned that Sterling’s “onetime” girlfriend has shown interest in purchasing this team that Sterling currently owns… And if he is banned then the team would be for sale… ulterior motives to release this sound clip…? 

Just food for thought…



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