Regulation of E-Cigarettes


More from my favorite news host Brian Williams…

The FDA wants to regulate E-Cigarettes, they are still a very new product that not many people know all the details about. The E-Cigarette is marketed as a product to help people that are trying to quit smoking, but there is still a liquid version of tobacco that can be inhaled through the E-Cigarette. Because of this the FDA wants to regulate the E-Cigarettes in the same way that it regulates tobacco products, prohibiting sales to minors (21 and under), requiring manufactures to label a full list of chemicals that are in the product, and nicotine warning labels etc. 

I thought It was interesting that even the E-Cigarette industry agrees that there should be some form of regulation because there are so many varieties of the E-Cigarette. Also I found it interesting that E-Cigarette companies are allowed to advertise on TV where as regular cigarettes are not allowed to do that. 

I think it’s a great product for people who are trying to quit smoking, but with so many unknown variables about the product I can see the concern. I’m glad that the FDA is looking into the health risks of this product much more than before because it will be beneficial to the public who purchases them and is around them to understand what they really are.



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