Another Apology on it’s Way


Yet again watching the nightly news for some blogging inspiration and I came across this little gem…

In class today we talked about companies and personal brands apologizing for poor behavior, trying to save their reputation. From this news report it sounds like we have another one of those cases on our hands.

This cattle rancher has been applauded for “sticking it to the man” and not taking his cattle off of federal land or paying any of the trespassing fines. But now many of those who supported by are backing away due some offensive racial comments he recently made. As always in these types of cases he was advised to make a public apology but has yet to do so.

It is interesting to me that this man was welcomed into the public eye for working against the law and received his 15 minutes of fame. And now he makes a comment that is politically incorrect and receives another 15 minutes of fame, it’s fascinating to watch how media works. 

Anyways, it will be interesting to see if the federal government will be more capable of getting this mans cattle off their land because he has displeased the public or if by some PR magic his reputation can be saved. 



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