Blackfish in Retrospect


This week in com 475 we discussed chapter 4 and watched the CNN documentary Blackfish.

In relating this documentary to the chapter I would say that the PR team at Sea Land and Sea World created a terrible relationship with the media. Sea World specifically has a poor reputation because of the way that their company interacts with the media release statements that seem to not tell the whole truth or by releasing a statement then back peddling and changing the details of the original statement. In-turn making their operation look shady in the public’s eye. Sea World would likely be better off if they would have taken their issues and the media more seriously.

But because they didn’t develop a friendly relationship with the media, CNN created this documentary Blackfish that depicts how Sea World operates, portraying it as an unethical company. Former trainers were interviewed exposing all of Sea Worlds secrets, a former whale hunter was also interviewed releasing information of how whales were captured and how immoral it made him feel. This documentary was very convincing that Sea World acts unethically not only with its employees but with its animals as well.

My opinion is, that it is hard to take your own emotions out of the picture while your watching the documentary, seeing how emotional the interviewees were and watching the footage was difficult. This documentary convinced me that whatever Sea World is doing is unethical and that they should be shutdown. It is shocking to me that they are still operating even after the release of this documentary. I also feel bad for the former trainer who worked there and how much they were brain washed to believe what they were doing was normal and ethical. Sea World has really wedge themselves into a difficult situation and created a real PR nightmare for whomever their PR director is. This documentary truly shocked me its probably one of those pieces of my college career that will stay in the back of my mind for a long time. 

Blackfish is available for your viewing on Netflix  



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