Airlines in the Headlines yet Again


More airlines companies in the news!

Hawaiian airlines had a stowaway on their plane last Sunday morning. A sixteen year old flew from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane. The flight was five hours long and the teen was unconscious for most of the flight due to lack of oxygen from being at such high altitudes and extremely cold temperatures. It was a astounding that he survived, of all stowaway cases 76% of the people do not survive. This teen was very lucky and even made a good flight selection in the cover of darkness, finding himself in Maui, Hawaii five hours later.

Airport security has been in question because this teen did breach security by climbing over a fence onto the tarmac, given it was at night so it would have been difficult to spot him anyways. But as of this morning he was not faced with any charges. 

I don’t believe that Hawaiian Airlines has com out with a statement about this incident, but the Hawaiian department of human services that child welfare services are working to ensure his safe return home.

I think it’s interesting how much airline companies have been in the news recently. We mentioned this subject in class, that it may be a bad time to be an airline company right now… Thankfully this teen ended up being ok so nothing bad came out of this story but like the comment that was made in class a few days ago “when it rains, it pours”. Lots of stuff going on with airlines and airplanes, keeping us tuned into the news nightly.



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