As we all should know the Boston marathon is tomorrow.

I watched tonight on the nightly news that security has been ramped up because of last years fatal bombings… Of course.


They say the mood is festive because the marathon is an annual tradition. They are expecting over a million spectators to be there tomorrow a great time for local businesses.

The organizers of this event have tightened security asking people to bring with them nothing larger than a fanny pack, also police are removing garbage cans, mail boxes etc. As a runner myself I am skeptical of this much security no garbage cans… no bags large enough to carry water bottles or supplies for runners… if I were a runner or a spectator I might feel a little bit irritated about this. I understand the concern for having heightened security I just hope that the event organizers didn’t go overboard on security leaving runners and spectators unhappy.

to close on a lighter note, it will be interesting to see how many tributes there will be to the people who lost their lives last year, and how runners/spectators will show their support for being Boston strong. I’m looking forward to seeing some positive news tomorrow night.



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