Korean Ferry Disaster



We discussed this topic in class today which got me intrigued, the ferry boat disaster international catastrophe.

Within the first few seconds of this video we here that the South Korean president told the rescuers need to “hurry”… Really?! Now they need to hurry! If I had kids on that boat you better get there as fast as you can a save my kids! I’m sure that’s how all the families are feeling right now. Seeing the text messages that are being sent out are so heartbreaking and knowing that over 200 people are still missing I hope that there is some miracle for them to come out alive.

We talked in class about the South Korean government should learn from whats happening in Malaysia and the issues with their government and how they are releasing information. But it seems they haven’t learned much from the Malaysian mistakes. I’m not sure if its because if the extreme cultural differences between Asian and American countries but they should be letting the public know whats going on as soon as they no what has happened and not hold on to important information. I think that Asian countries have strong morals about not admitting you’ve done something wrong but when it comes to issues of this degree something needs to be said.  

What shocked me the most about watching this video on tonight’s nightly news was that the captain of the ferry got off the boat safely in his own lifeboat! I’m not sure if this is an American thing or a movie thing… But isn’t the captain supposed to go down with the ship? Just a side thought.  



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