In Responce to Taylor Vallee Post


Wow the photo at the top of the page really caught my attention! I was shocked to read what Hell’s Pizza had done for an Easter promotion!

The billboard is horrific! I think I would be scared as a child to see something like this and as an adult I would never go to that pizza place! I think this is the worst use of a billboard even if rabbits are “pests” in New Zealand obviously this has reached an international viewing level because so many people are appalled and outraged. Hell’s Pizza will likely lose multiple customers because of this poor PR move. Other people have different views of different animals like here in the US we think rabbits are cute and can make good pets, while Arabic counties think that cows are holy. The PR team that did this was very inconsiderate of other peoples thoughts and feelings which has made they look heartless.

I’m wondering if PETA has seen this….



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