PRSA Code of Ethics Responce


My first thoughts on this article was that it was interesting to read about the rules/guidelines for PR. I feel that in school we mostly learn about what PR is, how it can help to develop a company, and how important it is. Actually reading what the rules for PR are in the real world seemed more concrete. 

“Enhancing the Profession” section caught my interest probably more so because it talked about education and personal development, which I feel relates more to me being a student and leaning about the profession and developing through my educational career. Once I have a career in the PR field think more aspects of this code of ethics will apply to me because I will have a better understanding due to my own experiences.

I really agree with the professional values. I think each value that was mentioned is very important to this profession because so much of the PR world is built on having the consumer trust and those six values are a good guideline to up hold that. I don’t think all professionals hold themselves to this standard especially because there is a piece in the code of ethics that says ” Report practices that fail to comply with the Code, whether committed by PRSA members or not, to the appropriate authority”. Showing that there is an understanding that people may cheat the system but I would like to believe there is a much smaller percentage of those people who break the rules than those who hold themselves to this code. I think this code should be followed but there should be room for human error or mistake. 



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