Commercial Gold


While watching the news tonight waiting for a story to strike my fancy this commercial came on.


This is my favorite commercial of all time! I remember when KIA had the first commercials with these hamsters and they were chubby and fluffy. Then the new commercial came out and they got in shape and became “sleeker, sexier, and more sophisticated” just like the new 2013 KIA! 

Now I still don’t want to go out and buy a new KIA but I think this is the best kind of advertising. KIA created these characters that people recognize and relate to . Using the same hamsters and the same car for the second commercial made the commercials become a story, a story people can familiarize with. There is a humorous aspect to this commercial as well which makes it more memorable in peoples minds. That commercial is so embedded into my mind that every time I hear the song “applause” I immediately picture the hamsters and the car (EQUALS GOOD COMMERCIAL). Choosing that song for that commercial at that time was a great decision because it was really popular during the time that the commercial was running the most, triggering people’s memories of the KIA commercial. 

Plus sleeker, sexier, and sophisticated is all the rage! 

Maybe more of an advertising post than PR but it is a PR and advertising management class right…    

Those are my thoughts for the day!



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