Today I am attending a big event called Monster Energy Supercross

So much work goes into this event! It is held in Seattle at century link field every year in April. But this event doesn’t happen only annually it happens every Saturday night for six months out of the year. 

Just think about how much information you need to know to run an event of this size that happens weekly! Tickets, security, venue, food & beverage, set up, tear down, etc. I want to get into event planning after college but I think this specific event would be biting off a little more than I could chew. Who ever the event coordinator is has their handful today! 

I think its really great that I can go to this event and see what the PR aspects of it are when I’m there and prior to the event. I have heard radio commercials for the event that are extremely unique compared to regular radio event promotions. There are also TV commercials playing on local TV stations . But the way that I know when this event is in town is because I have gone every year for so many years, more than I can remember! All my friends and family go every year as well and as a PR student I think that’s one of the best types of PR, retuning patrons. There is a major following for this event, it happens every weekend in large football stadiums. To create an event like this and have so many people attend it each time I think there is some pretty good PR going on in their company. 

Have a great Saturday!



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