Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman


In my mass media and society class we are discussing the big six media conglomerates. When I heard that CBS quickly announced that Stephen Colbert was going to take over for David Letterman on the “Late Show” my interest was sparked. One big thing I noticed was that news channels that are CBS affiliated did the longest most in depth reports on the announcement including CNN which reported on the announcement and posted an article on their website about it as well. I have learned that there is some controversy on the big six and their effect on media, and how they filter the information that is delivered to the public from their point of view. I felt that I really saw that in action when this announcement was made. Stephen Colbert and David Letterman was all that any of the CBS stations were talking about for the last two days, while other possibly more important events were going on that were not being reported on.

The Late Show is a CBS program but comedy central (where you can currently watch Stephen Colbert’s, Colbert Report) is not. I thought it was interesting that CBS chose a late night talk show host from another media conglomerate then within it’s own set of hosts. Although I’m sure Mr. Colbert will do a great job of hosting the “Late Show” and I look forward to seeing how he does in 2015 when he’s expected to take over.



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