In Responce to Baylee’s “Natural Beauty?” Post



I have noticed these posts on social media sites as well and it did cross my mind how posting photos of women not wearing makeup could really help cancer patients. That might be something that the PR team needs to make clear about this promotion.

I also agreed that its a little disheartening that a women has to be “brave” to post an all natural photo. I am someone who does typically wear makeup everyday but I don’t think that I’m one of those people who cakes it on thank goodness, but on days when I don’t wear make up it’s such a freeing feeling! Haha! I think its embarrassing to have a completely different looking face when they take their makeup off. Girls should use makeup to accentuate their beauty not cover it up and create a totally different looking person.

But as you said in Hollywood its an entirely different story. As soon as a celebrity gets on board the entire campaign will take off, which is really great for supporting the cancer patients and helping women feel more comfortable in their makeup free skin but it seems this is an odd way to achieve that goal. I too really believe in the the Dove “Love Your Body Campaign”! I think it would be a great idea for the “no makeup” photos promotion to partner up with Dove and see how much more support for cancer patients they can receive.

Great thoughts!


Baylee’s original post


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