Responce to Sally Rutledge


In COM 475 today we had a skype session with Sally Rutledge @SRutledgeott

She spoke to us about multiple subjects within her line of work and how the use or no use of PR effected them.

First she spoke about chambers of commerce and referred to herself as the “chamber whisperer” which I thought was amusing because she said that when chambers of commerce come to her they are broken and she must fix them. Another thing that stood out to me when she was discussing the chambers of commerce was when she said that chambers of commerce that have 600 members or less do not have a PR plan or that they don’t think PR is important. Which to me was shocking how could an organization like chambers of commerce not think that PR is necessary or important. She then explained to us that it become her job to implement PR plans for these chambers and help them to understand why it is so important to have a good PR plan.

Next Rutledge went on to explain PR for non-profit organizations. For her example she used an animal rescue organization for large breed dogs. For them she helped develop a marketing campaign that tugged on the heart strings of the desired market. One piece of the campaign that she mentioned to us was that they used a member of the military coming home to his giant rescue dog and how happy he was to have his dog which seemed like a very effective marketing move to me, seeing that would certainly pull at my heart strings.

Lastly Rutledge discussed her roll in working with a small business. This was the most interesting part of her discussion to me because she seemed to be very proud of what she had accomplished working with them. She described how she re-branded the company and opened the owners minds to new ideas using social media and other platforms. She found the niche to make this small business unique and it was the owners and how authentic they were, although she did mention that it was rough trying to get them out of their comfort zones but made her job all the more challenging and fun. After listening to this piece of her speech to us it really sparked my interest and made me start to think that maybe I would like to work for small businesses as an independent PR practitioner and make that my career! Who knows!

Overall I really enjoyed what Sally Rutledge shared with us today she was humorous as well making it even more fun to listen to her.

Thanks Liz and Sally for a great COM475 class today!  



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