This is a youtube video for an event called Flugtag it is sponsored by Red Bull and is held in many countries all over the world with millions of attendees.

Today in Liz’s event planning class we watched a few videos of this event. It was interesting to me because event planning is an aspect of PR that I would really like to work in.

Watch this video a couple times you will start to notice how much PR is actually implemented into and event like this. Right off the bat you notice the logos of the main sponsors there is red bull everywhere! The platform, the table umbrellas, the helmets of the contestants, t-shirts, the buoys in the water, etc… This event is a huge PR stunt! There is so much more that goes into holding an event than finding a venue and inviting some people. We created a long list of all the aspects that need to be checked off when hosting an event and lucky for me I love organized check lists! 

After watching this video I also noticed how much I’ve learned in my PR classes. If I had seen this video prior to entering into the PR major I would have just thought this was a fun looking event that might be fun to go to someday… But now I can see all the bits and pieces that were put into it for a reason. It was a great confirmation that I am actually learning things haha.

Well that was my PR thought for the day, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.



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