Love Your Selfie


Along with the current social media trend of taking “selfies” the Today Show has a series going on right now called “Love your selfie, reclaiming beauty” each day they are doing something different for this campaign on the show. Dove is also sponsoring this campaign.

When the selfie trend started I felt that it was a little self centered (not to say that I didn’t participate in the trend because I do) but seeing the today show take this spin on it was inspiring. Creating this campaign and showing people how beauty has more than one definition and that all people is very heart warming. The Today show provides tips and information in this series of how over come the feelings of a poor body image, and how to love your self no matter what you look like. We know that many people (mainly girls) struggle with the way they look but this campaign really tackles that issue and is helping to inform so many people that they are beautiful just the way they are. 

Yesterday on the show they had people of all different shapes and sizes make a manikin of themselves and the manikin was reveled on the show. This really caught my attention because we all see the manikins in the stores that no one actually looks like but these manikins were made based off of real people and they are now going to be on display in a department store. And today some young teenage girls made some videos to speak out about how to accept who you are. 

This link below will take you to a few video clips that have been done in the past week.

I think this is a great campaign and a great use of social media creating positive thoughts and images instead of critiquing everything, it’s more of what our world needs. I think so many people struggle with body image issues and it’s good to remind people they are beautiful. What a great PR campaign Dove and the Today Show has put together! 




The NBA Versus Donald Sterling


Many of us have recently heard about the new sports scandal involving Donald Sterling and the Las Angeles Clippers.

Mr. Sterling has allegedly made racist comments to his previous girlfriend over the weekend. There is now huge pressure on the NBA to come out with a statement or a reaction to Sterling’s actions and whether or not he will lose ownership of his team. The NBA is supposed to make their announcement tomorrow a few hours prior to the Clippers next home game.

Some Clippers fans have began to organize a boycott of the next home game, which I don’t really agree with. It is not the players on the team that started this scandal they were the victims and they have shown that do not support Mr. Sterling in any way. This team is in the playoffs right now and could really use the support from their fans in such a difficult time.    

Besides loosing some fan base the Clippers have also lost some huge sponsors including Carmax and KIA.

With this type of scandal, in this industry, I think it has a big potential to tarnish the NBA’s reputation if they don’t respond with a statement that is very well thought out. We will have to wait and see what the NBA announces tomorrow, but I’m sure that the NBA’s PR team is working hard to straighten out this PR nightmare. 

On a side note… if you watch the video from the nightly news you hear that it is mentioned that Sterling’s “onetime” girlfriend has shown interest in purchasing this team that Sterling currently owns… And if he is banned then the team would be for sale… ulterior motives to release this sound clip…? 

Just food for thought…


Regulation of E-Cigarettes


More from my favorite news host Brian Williams…

The FDA wants to regulate E-Cigarettes, they are still a very new product that not many people know all the details about. The E-Cigarette is marketed as a product to help people that are trying to quit smoking, but there is still a liquid version of tobacco that can be inhaled through the E-Cigarette. Because of this the FDA wants to regulate the E-Cigarettes in the same way that it regulates tobacco products, prohibiting sales to minors (21 and under), requiring manufactures to label a full list of chemicals that are in the product, and nicotine warning labels etc. 

I thought It was interesting that even the E-Cigarette industry agrees that there should be some form of regulation because there are so many varieties of the E-Cigarette. Also I found it interesting that E-Cigarette companies are allowed to advertise on TV where as regular cigarettes are not allowed to do that. 

I think it’s a great product for people who are trying to quit smoking, but with so many unknown variables about the product I can see the concern. I’m glad that the FDA is looking into the health risks of this product much more than before because it will be beneficial to the public who purchases them and is around them to understand what they really are.


Another Apology on it’s Way


Yet again watching the nightly news for some blogging inspiration and I came across this little gem…

In class today we talked about companies and personal brands apologizing for poor behavior, trying to save their reputation. From this news report it sounds like we have another one of those cases on our hands.

This cattle rancher has been applauded for “sticking it to the man” and not taking his cattle off of federal land or paying any of the trespassing fines. But now many of those who supported by are backing away due some offensive racial comments he recently made. As always in these types of cases he was advised to make a public apology but has yet to do so.

It is interesting to me that this man was welcomed into the public eye for working against the law and received his 15 minutes of fame. And now he makes a comment that is politically incorrect and receives another 15 minutes of fame, it’s fascinating to watch how media works. 

Anyways, it will be interesting to see if the federal government will be more capable of getting this mans cattle off their land because he has displeased the public or if by some PR magic his reputation can be saved. 


Blackfish in Retrospect


This week in com 475 we discussed chapter 4 and watched the CNN documentary Blackfish.

In relating this documentary to the chapter I would say that the PR team at Sea Land and Sea World created a terrible relationship with the media. Sea World specifically has a poor reputation because of the way that their company interacts with the media release statements that seem to not tell the whole truth or by releasing a statement then back peddling and changing the details of the original statement. In-turn making their operation look shady in the public’s eye. Sea World would likely be better off if they would have taken their issues and the media more seriously.

But because they didn’t develop a friendly relationship with the media, CNN created this documentary Blackfish that depicts how Sea World operates, portraying it as an unethical company. Former trainers were interviewed exposing all of Sea Worlds secrets, a former whale hunter was also interviewed releasing information of how whales were captured and how immoral it made him feel. This documentary was very convincing that Sea World acts unethically not only with its employees but with its animals as well.

My opinion is, that it is hard to take your own emotions out of the picture while your watching the documentary, seeing how emotional the interviewees were and watching the footage was difficult. This documentary convinced me that whatever Sea World is doing is unethical and that they should be shutdown. It is shocking to me that they are still operating even after the release of this documentary. I also feel bad for the former trainer who worked there and how much they were brain washed to believe what they were doing was normal and ethical. Sea World has really wedge themselves into a difficult situation and created a real PR nightmare for whomever their PR director is. This documentary truly shocked me its probably one of those pieces of my college career that will stay in the back of my mind for a long time. 

Blackfish is available for your viewing on Netflix  


Response to Nicole’s Air Canada Post


 Great post Nicole!

Interestingly enough I posted about the Hawaiian airlines issue with the stowaway teen earlier this afternoon. It’s amazing how many issues all airlines are dealing with right now. I actually heard on the news the other morning that more and more people are purchasing travelers insurance because people are learning how stingy airline companies are becoming. 

It sounds to me like airline companies are gonna have a lot of work to do when it comes to regaining the trust of the public. With so many different types of issues that we have recently seen this could potentially be a “PR nightmare” for the airline industry. 

I actually didn’t know about this baggage issue that Nicole discussed until I read her post but it just reaffirms my lack of faith in the airline industry right now. I’m not saying that I think if I were to get on a plane right now that it would have some catastrophic failure but I do think it would cross my mind a little more than it normally would before all these problems had occurred. 

It will be interesting to watch how this industry handles their current situation


Airlines in the Headlines yet Again


More airlines companies in the news!

Hawaiian airlines had a stowaway on their plane last Sunday morning. A sixteen year old flew from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane. The flight was five hours long and the teen was unconscious for most of the flight due to lack of oxygen from being at such high altitudes and extremely cold temperatures. It was a astounding that he survived, of all stowaway cases 76% of the people do not survive. This teen was very lucky and even made a good flight selection in the cover of darkness, finding himself in Maui, Hawaii five hours later.

Airport security has been in question because this teen did breach security by climbing over a fence onto the tarmac, given it was at night so it would have been difficult to spot him anyways. But as of this morning he was not faced with any charges. 

I don’t believe that Hawaiian Airlines has com out with a statement about this incident, but the Hawaiian department of human services that child welfare services are working to ensure his safe return home.

I think it’s interesting how much airline companies have been in the news recently. We mentioned this subject in class, that it may be a bad time to be an airline company right now… Thankfully this teen ended up being ok so nothing bad came out of this story but like the comment that was made in class a few days ago “when it rains, it pours”. Lots of stuff going on with airlines and airplanes, keeping us tuned into the news nightly.